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By-laws - Residency Rules - Insurance Requirements - Notification Requirements

Select the Community Services section to read the complete list of Rules & Regulations for Residents.


You must not do any plantings or modifications to your home or land around your home without first seeking permission from the Board of Directors. This is described in the Rules and Regulations. Go to the Forms section to download the required forms that must be submited to the board for approval before any external modifications can be made. If you are not sure if an approval is required, please ask any board member.


Also please read the Insurance section of the BY-Laws. You must insure your unit as a "Home" and not a "Condo". You are responsible for 100% of your units insurance including the roof, siding and entire structure. The Association's master policy only insures the common land and common buildings (gazebo & mail room). This was voted on at the November 2012 Annual Meeting.

Realtors Looking for Bylaws and Insurance Information

Realtors and bankers seeking legal details about Windham Meadows II Condo Association can go to COMMUNITY SERVICES to download the current Bylaws and Rules & Regulations. Master insurance information is also provided. 


Also note that Windham Meadows I and II are separate assocations. See ABOUT WINDHAM MEADOWS II for more details

For homeowners, please send the board your updated contact information. 

Click here to send us a message with any updates. Please include your name and address.


Please send us your ideas and thoughts about what you would like to see on our website. 

Contact the webmaster Brian McAlpine via email.


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